Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Lamp Beside the Golden Door: Why So Much Vitriol Toward "Illegals"?

Please visit Laura Danielson's new blog inspired by outrage and fueled by empathy and admiration for the many immigrants she's had the privilege to work with:
The Lamp Beside the Golden Door: Why So Much Vitriol Toward "Illegals"?: "Those of us who work in the trenches know that immigration law is so nuanced and difficult that it is often only a combination of timing, luck and good counsel that lands people in the camp that holds their green cards, as many of our stories explain. A more detailed, excellent description of the complex legal twists and turns that one can face is found in immigration lawyer Helen Parsonage's recent post about a man on the brink of deportation who was granted permanent residence only after an uphill and arduous battle. The real reason we have so many undocumented people in the U.S. is because we do not have a workable immigration system. Quite simply, there is no easy and correct way for most people to acquire U.S. residency and there is absolutely no line that the vast majority of our necessary skilled and unskilled labor force can stand and wait in until they become legal."

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